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“Breastfeeding is a family affair”

Dads supporting Breastfeeding

The fact is that France is one of the European countries with the lowest breastfeeding rates. Only 66% of French women breastfeed at birth against over 85 % in many European countries such as Denmark, Norway, Germany, Switzerland or Italy. The exclusive breastfeeding rate goes below 40% after only one month. This rate drops to 28 % at the age of 6 months, minimum recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) *.

The average breastfeeding period in France is estimated to be below 4 months. Data on diversified breastfeeding until the age of 2 years, recommended by WHO as the optimal duration of breastfeeding, are difficult to obtain but by observation one can imagine how the percentage is low, and especially how French society is critical regarding long term breastfeeding .

Key facts:

–          Breastfeeding satisfies all the needs of the baby for the first 6 months of his life and has very positive effects on short and long term on the health of both the baby and his mother.

–          A survey done in France in 2009 shows that women want more support throughout there breastfeeding and a longer maternity leave

–          Supporting breastfeeding is helping the healthcare system, the employers and the families to save money. Why are we in this situation in France ?

–          The legacy of feminism of the 60s ?

–          The short duration of the maternity leave

–          Difficulty with inadequate medical advice

–          Feeling that the milk is not “good” enough or in sufficient quantity. But also:

–          The husbands/partners do not support women in this adventure.

Unfortunately, I cannot do much for the first reasons but for the latter I can change things. And that is why I want to start this site for dads who want to learn to support their spouse in breastfeeding, papallaitants . Together we can change behaviors and allow our partner/wife to be confident when it comes to their breastfeeding. Of course, there are associations ** very useful and effective for moms , but they will not replace our role as dads. It is for us, dads, to be the active support. It is not always easy because a man who talks about breastfeeding sounds weird especially in France . So, gathering amongst papallaitants, we will learn to gain confidence in our choice and find support, information, listening ears and the opportunity to share our experiences.

Ask your questions to a Breastfeeding Dad and join me in the discussion group on Facebook (in English) : Papallaitants UK – DADS ONLYDADS ONLY * 2007 figures LLL mainly **

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