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Breastfeeding Boobie Awards


I follow quite a few breastfeeding-support Facebook pages, not only in French but also in English and Spanish. It is interesting to see the articles published, the comments people make, the cultural differences when it comes to breastfeeding and parenting in general.


I find the English-speaking world a lot more open and supportive of breastfeeding than the French-speaking world, I think that English-speaking mothers are a lot more empowered than mothers in France, they follow less the advice of healthcare professionnals without learning previously themselves about every single medical act that will be performed on their babies/children. I also see a nice difference when it comes to claiming “breastfeeding rights”, in England for example when a mother is mistreated/expelled from a shop or anywhere because she was breastfeeding, immediately the breastfeeding community reacts with huge protests, articles/blogs to report the incident and lots of supporters sharing the news so that the people involved apologize and correct their mistake.


Last week I received a message from a Chilean mother that complained about the verbal abuse she was subjected to at a post office in Paris. She sent a written letter that was only responded by a simple ” your letter will be answered on x and y date“, and of course that second letter never arrived. Employees at the post office have better things to do, such as police officers and everyone in general. Babies come last here in France.


Something I found particularly nice in an English-speaking breastfeeding-support page, was the way mothers show off their expressed milk, they make jewelry with breastmilk and they wear t-shirts that announce their breastfeeding “awards”. And there was a list somewhere of “breastfeeding awards”, a funny list of imaginary jewelry and precious stones to reward a mother for the achievement of her breastfeeding goals. I decided we would enjoy having something like that in France so I sat and translated the whole thing, I’m not a professional translator but I did my best!


With the help of our amazing webmaster, Lisa Cole (who founded a few years ago the English website “Lactivist”, and is of course a supporter of breastfeeding), we created a visual that would be attractive to the eye and fun. The response was amazing, in 24 hours 50000 people had seen the post and about 500 had shared it in Facebook. That brings so many new visits to the website, and of course more people that learn about this project and more fathers that request to join our discussion groups. That’s amazing because it was the idea, as it’s the idea of every visual we ask Lisa to design. By the way, if you want to support us financially, here is a link to do so since everything we do comes straight from our pockets, we are volunteers 😉


The only fly in the ointment was the violent criticism I received from a lady, who mistakenly thought I had written this list of awards myself in order to humilliate breastfeeding mothers and women in general. She accused me of being chauvinist by using the word “boob” (which in French translates as “lolo”) and she went on giving more (very vulgar) examples of what else I should write lists about. What a shame. First, the list was written by a breastfeeding mother herself, and her original intention was to praise mothers for their achievements. I only wanted to support that initiative. But well, you can’t please all the people all the time!


Anyway, here’s the visual in its original English version. Enjoy and share! 🙂



2 comments to Breastfeeding Boobie Awards

  • James Akré

    Thanks for your excellent post, Pascal. The Breastfeeding Boobie Awards visual is a great addition to the Papallaitants community, as is news of its massive viewing in only 24 hours; 50000 people in 24 hours is viral indeed. Congratulations!

    I smiled when I read about the criticism you received from the woman who thought you were being sarcastic and thus making fun of breastfeeding mothers. I think it would be interesting to know why she felt this way.

    I was immediately reminded of some of the early reaction to a book that I published in 2006 bearing the title “The problem with breastfeeding. A personal reflection” (and subsequently in French, in 2009, “Le problème avec l’allaitement. Réflexion personnelle”). Some observers – I can’t really call them readers – strongly objected to my presumed negativity.

    In fact, the first three sentences in chapter 1 were very clear: “I’ll get right to the point. I don’t have a problem with breastfeeding anymore than I presume anyone reading this paragraph does. But I do think that a significant portion of contemporary Western society does have a problem with breastfeeding, and that’s mainly what I want to talk about.”

    Long live Papallaitants!

    James Akré, Geneva

    • Thank you for reading me and for your comment, Jim!

      I have to admit that my first reaction to the title of your book wasn’t positive either! 😉

      But the good news is that once I started reading it, I couldn’t stop!

      Actually the angry lady thought I was being disrespectful and demeaning, not only sarcastic! It’s like when I started this project, so many “breastfeeding supporters” laughed at me because I am a man and ‘what could I possibly have to say about breastfeeding’? It turns out that 3 years later more and more people are reading whatever it is I have to say, so maybe the breastfeeding conversation could be extended to men as well, and to the whole human race because it concerns us all as you well pointed out in your book.

      Kindest regards,


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