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Breastfeeding Boobie Awards


I follow quite a few breastfeeding-support Facebook pages, not only in French but also in English and Spanish. It is interesting to see the articles published, the comments people make, the cultural differences when it comes to breastfeeding and parenting in general.


I find the English-speaking world a lot more open and supportive […]

Papallaitants® news release


Papallaitants® declares that it is not affiliated with any commercial entity acting in violation of the principles and aim of the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes.

  Papallaitants® supports families wishing to breastfeed their children, and the inappropriate marketing of products within the scope of the International Code interferes with this objective.


When Activism Becomes Proselytism (according to some)

I am back from a business trip and I find a message where the initiative “Papallaitants” is accused of proselytism. Why? Because I talk about the normalisation of breastfeeding.

It has been a year and a half that I created this initiative, “Papallaitants”, in the first place because I found that […]

Interview with Mark Harris

Registered midwife since 1992-

It is through my wife that I discovered the work of Mark Harris, she had read about him and got me his book “Men, Love and Birth” as a present. Reading it was a very enjoyable experience because along the way you laugh and you learn at the same time. It […]

My breastfeeding story

Hi, I am Pascal. My breastfeeding story started during my wife’s pregnancy, she had decided after reading a few books, that we should breastfeed our baby.

And because this is an important decision she asked me for my opinion, and to be honest my first thought was “she knows better, so yes of course”.

She […]

5 Reasons Men Love Breastfeeding

By “Les Papallaitants”*

Emmanuel, Claire and their baby girl Maude.

In order to answer to these men that hate breastfeeding, we have brought to you 5 good reasons a man has to love breastfeeding. We brainstormed amongst us « papallaitants » (breastfeeding dads) what makes us love breastfeeding and we came up with a […]

My wife is a LLL leader

My wife is an Actress, as in the film by Yvan Attal. But she is also an Anthropologist, a Translator, a Writer, she is plenty of things. But today, what defines her is the fact that she is a LLL leader. For most of us, fathers, that does not mean much. What kind of leader […]

Discovering the baby-led feeding of Stefan Kleintjes

A few years ago, I was not a husband, I was not a father, my knowledge of babies was limited to «they are cute », what to feed them « a bottle » and then « pureed food ». That seemed obvious to me and, I assume, unfortunately to many other men out there. My […]

The French Revolution…of Breastfeeding!

Hi there,

The National Day of France is approaching with its revolutionary winds. I said to myself that I should take advantage of the opportunity in order to start a revolution of our own. In France, this term has an obsolete meaning, the immobilism is anchored in our culture, for the better we are […]

Tongue and lip tie: When breastfeeding hurts

We are beginning to connect with quite interesting people thanks to this website, we’re thrilled, it was the idea. Today I had an interesting chat with Annabelle Mackenzie from the website Tongue-Tie UK ( in the UK. We discussed the subject of tongue and lip tie, of which she is a parent experienced in tongue-tie, […]