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Breastfeeding information and support HERE

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Are you a papallaitant? Has this project helped you? Do you want to share your breastfeeding story with us? Please send us your testimonials, we will be happy to publish them. Add a picture if you wish!

The breastfeeding story of Dr Roussel

My name is Fréderic, I’m 58 years old. I am the father of three children, aged 28, 26 and 22. They were all breastfed.   Our beginnings with breastfeeding were not easy, we learned on the way, as most parents do. Our first child was only breastfed for one month. He was born with an inguinal hernia and he suffered terribly. Back at the time, we were not able to differentiate his crying when he was hungry and his crying when he was in pain and he was weaned prematurely. After an…

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