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Do you want to share your breastfeeding story? Do you want to publish an article on papallaitants? Are you a papallaitant in your country and you want to share your story with us? You want to share pictures of you and your baby?

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 “Breast is not best, breast is the NORM”

Why Men Leave, an article by John W. Travis, MD

First published in November 2006 on Kindred Media.   Men leave their families in a multitude of ways. Even if they remain in the home, many fathers are often emotionally absent — through depression, workaholism, violence or abuse (physical or emotional), or a retreat into addiction to substances, media, consumer goods, sports, food, or sex. Most men in the ‘developed’ nations today never bonded (or very poorly bonded) with their mothers. Most people don’t even notice how…

The first night without mom’s breastmilk

By Tof It was in October, 2014, a Thursday. Our doctor called and said « Christophe, your wife must be hospitalized immediately ». Of course we were very afraid because, how were we going to do with Robin that at that moment was only a year old and who still nursed several times a day ? And how I was going to do to put him to sleep and replace his mom at bedtime ? I had to leave the children with my parents, I asked the elders to help grandma and grandpa with their little brother. We…

 Guest Blogger of the week – Babywearing

Babywearing – a UK dad’s perspective  BY Ben Sowden When my wife was pregnant with our son we did what many prospective parents do and went shopping for an enormous amount of stuff, and when we had finished buying stuff in the shops we went home and bought another load of stuff on the internet until we thought we had everything and then we remembered stuff we’d forgotten and we had to buy that too, and one day while I was at work my wife received a parcel and in it was three metres of…

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